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Come to The Gathering of the Knights
Tournament to support and defend YOUR
Club and try to bring home the scepter
for your international!

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Just a little History...


In 1974, the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club® was founded by Police to improve the image of motorcycling through road safety & courtesy, and today, have over 20,000 members
around the world.

In 1982
, the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club® was founded by Firefighters for the
same reasons, and today enjoy 10,000 members in 12 countries around the world.

In 1997, due to an increase in motorcycle incidents among military personnel, the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club® was founded to improve safety through education & training, and have 10,000 members around the world.

In 2009, The Blue Knights® coordinated the first friendly motorcycle competition exclusively between all three clubs called the “Knights of the Round Table Tournament” in Titusville, Florida. The theme was Medieval, including a Toga and Costume Party with awards for Best Dressed, and a few surprises like the Blacksmith’s Challenge. The overall winner received a plaque as BEST KNIGHT, but his club received the SCEPTER, a hand made, full color, laser engraved wall hanging trophy valued at about $1,000 dollars.  It's yours to keep and brag about for a year! The “FUN” competition can be won by anybody, and designed
basically to bring the three clubs together to trade contacts, build camaraderie, gain support, and a lot of laughs and great times.

The Tournament winner of the Scepter

hosts the next year’s event.


2009 in Titusville, FL winner Green Knights®
2010 in Ozarks, AR winner Red Knights®
2011 in Gettysburg, PA winner Blue Knights®


Information about this years Tournament is on the

Events page



by President Dave Emory


Did you go to the Knights of the Round Table tournament? Have you seen anyone that did? You will recognize them, because they still have a smile on their face and clutching their stomach due the laughter and fun that we all had!

Gettysburg PA. was the place, Red, Blue and Green Knights were the people and a weekend of challenges were the orders. The tables were set as we bantered back and forth. The Red Knights stood proudly to defend their honor as champions of the 3rd tournament.

The weekend started with a tribute from each of the three groups honoring those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. A memorial table was set and remained through the weekend as a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in this great country.


If a knight disagrees with the Judges, the knight may request an appeal to the audience, by loudly singing “I’M A LITTLE TEA POT SHORT AND STOUT” while using the correct arm and hand gestures. I am embarrassed to report that no one was able to get thorough the song and win the challenge, but you should know it was tried many times. So picture this, a 6’4” Man standing in a chair singing his lungs out only to be greeted with boo’s and full belly laughter. The tone was set!

Outside we went to show off our mighty strengths and pull a fire truck 50 feet. The green knights and the blue knights had a hard time trying to figure out how to tie a knot, while the red knights, slid to win the event with ease. After giving the two a second chance to redeem themselves, they found it necessary to revert to trying to add extra weight by holding onto the back of the truck as the red pulled.  RED 18.45sec, GREEN 26.30sec, and BLUE 27.45sec.

The next event was the “blacksmith Challenge” to drive a spike into ye ol’timber. Be accurate and swing with zeal, to demonstrate how you would conquer the Battlefield. The mighty hammer fell onto the head of the spikes only to shower us with sparks, bend the steel shanks to the moans and groans coming from the Green and Blue along with words that would make your mother cry. And once again the RED KNIGHTS do the victory dance. They did take pitty and offered the two a class in “eye hand coordination”.

Then came the Toga Party, OMG, Some were so confused they thought it was a “Luau” others came with a “see though” toga (aka-a clear plastic bag).  They paraded through the evening showing off their creations. The sites were to behold, it will take years of counseling to get us back to normal. The judges were not able to make a decision without a second bout of parading. Then they couldn’t take it anymore and made a wonderful decision bestowing the Honors to the RED KNIGHTS, Jordon Purdy and Roxanne Kissel.

On Saturday, after taking on breakfast and a shot of oats for their mighty steeds the challenges were laid out. The Dungeon was prepared to receive the weak and useless.

The Weather conditions had improved and we were left with a strong northerly wind and gust that would remove the very best of all toupees. But the “beatings” must go on. In no particular order the winner of each event is,

Jousting—Tom Dean--Blue Knight
Horse Shoes—Stem—Red Knight
Motorcycle Ball pick—John Daily—Red Knight
Riding Skills—Kenny Craig—Blue Knight
Longest Distance—Jared Baker—Green Knight
(Rode from Converse TX. 1,641miles)


The final scores were compiled using the top 5 placements of each event.

The welcome letter says that; The end shall have a victor, known as the” BEST KNIGHT” and we SHALL listen to his Beckon and Call and Travel yonder to his choice of the next tournament.

The WINNER and HOST of the 2012
Knights Of The Round Table Tournament is
Kenny Craig---Blue Knight


The Red Knights wish to congratulate the Blue Knights and Thank the Green Knights for a wonderful and eventful weekend. We are looking forward to attending the next event (winning) and getting the Scepter back.

Special Thank you to International, Vice President Chris Gadway, Secretary Bill (Popeye) Snodgrass, Treasurer Leo Patry, Quarter Master and Defending Champion, Kent Armstrong. Along with all of the judges and hard work of everyone who helped make this a MEMORABLE weekend.

Information about this years Tournament is on the

Events page

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