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MAL Membership Dues

Any questions about your dues must be directed to the Treasurer at  Do not contact the Web Master.

Below, you have three choices

Active, Social and Initiation Fee.



To use this feature, please select the Active membership type and then your name.  Select Add to Cart.  This will take you to the Paypal site.  If you have to add a Social member, select the Continue Shopping button on the PayPal site (as the example shown here)

and it will bring you back to this page so that you can add the Social member.  Enter the Social Members name and click the Add to Cart button. 


If you have more than one Social member, keep selecting the Social Member type and Add to Cart until you are done adding Social members.


The Initiation Fee is changed only when you first join the Red Knights.  Do not submit an Initiation Fee with renewals.


To complete your Dues payment, finish by using the choices given on the PayPal site.

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The Red Knights® names and logos are Registered Trademarks.

Being a member in good standing, gives you permission to identify yourself as a Red Knight® and wear the names and logos but it does not give you permission to reproduce them on any type of material, including web pages. 

Members may contact the Web Master with any questioins about the web site. You will need to give your real name and Chapter or MAL affiliation.

Obtaining Permission to use the Red Knights® names and logos


By Vendors, Associations, Chapters or Individual Member must be obtained from the International Secretary following the procedure outlined on this page.