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Region 1 Director

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Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club ® Inc.
Office of the Region 1 Director

Greetings Region 1!

The third quarter has been a relatively quiet time in the region, but there have been some important moments that I’d like to share with all of you. 

As many of you should already know, the International Convention and Annual Business Meeting was very well attended in the beautiful city of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.  There were no contested races in our region, or within any other region or at the international level, which helped move the ABM along.  Several By-Law changes were approved which you can view on the International’s Web Site.  As the ABM came to a close, the Board of Directors met and we were immediately notified by Leo Patry that he was resigning his position as Treasurer effective September 1, 2014, with 11 months remaining to his term.  The Board appointed Scott Ryan, the recently re-elected Region 2 Director to the position of International Treasurer, leaving Region 2 without a Director.  After a short race between Leo Patry and Don Poirier, Leo was appointed by the Board to fill Scott’s position for the next 23 months due to a recently changed By-Law.

There are 2 new chapters in Maine – congratulations to all, and there are several other new chapters in the works.  We are still growing!!

I was asked by the Board to represent the Board at the European Association Meeting in Bruges, Belgium, in September, and I was treated like royalty.  Let me tell you, the Europeans know how to throw a meeting/convention/party!!  They want to host the 2020 International Convention, and if they do, I am sure it will be spectacular.  I was able to do some riding – I rented a BMW RT1200 – a really nice bike.  I visited Liege, Brussels, Bruges and Oostander, a city on the North Sea.

Finally, the quarter ended on a very sad note, as the Red Knights lost a very well respected and dedicated member, Steve Mickel, President of MA 13.  He will be missed by all of Massachusetts, and by all those that have had the pleasure of meeting him.  We also had several members in Maine injured in bike accidents, and our prayers are out there that they all recover quickly.

As the fourth quarter begins, I find myself preparing for the Fall meeting and trying to make the decision whether to run for re-election or not.  I am a fan of change, and I urge anyone that might have AN INTEREST IN THE POSITION OF REGION 1 DRECTOR to contact me for information regarding the job.  I invite the challenge!

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,


Life Member and Founder, RKMC® - MASS 1

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