2020 Yankee Rally

March 20, 2020

Good evening to you all.
The not knowing of what the uncertainty of tomorrow is next and what will happen in the next few
weeks or even months is something that haunts us all.  

I want to thank all Red Knight's around the world for their support of Yankee Rally 2020. We were hoping that Rally this year
was going to be the escape from everyone's reality of current day to day life. As the light at the end of the tunnel. Without the
uncertainty of "what's next"
I, the President of New York 50, along with my chapter officers, and the International Board deeply regret that we are canceling
this year's Yankee Really for reasons beyond our control, directly related to COVID-19.

Yes again, we ARE officially canceling Yankee rally 2020.

We bid to host 3 times and finally received that bid two years ago in Clifton Park NY. We are absolutely devastated to bring you
this news, and still stunned that it has come to this decision. We were working tirelessly to bring you the best rally possible,
holding out hope until the very last moment. But as of now Yankee Rally 2020 is over before it even happened. We are crushed
with this news, but in RED KNIGHTS fashion we will overcome.

We are working with the International Board to find out what options are out there for us or what to do next. We do not know
what our next move is at this time. We will be working with our host hotel and a few other people to find the best solution for all
involved in years 2020 and 2021. I am currently developing a refund system to get you your money back as soon as possible, that
likely will be finalized and refunds will start going out next week. Please allow us some time to comprehend what is happening
and get a system in place that will work, for everyone involved. You will be refunded your full amount, we promise. Just allow
us a little time to do so. Once we figure out our next move we may have a few different options for you! That news will come in
the following weeks.

We apologize to our loyal club members worldwide who sent in registrations thus far, and also held out hope until the very end.
A special thanks to those who were "first timers". We were very much looking forward to having you. As always we must side
with caution, wellbeing, health and safety of our membership as a whole. We are grateful we were given this opportunity to host
you and deeply sorry we could not deliver to you what we promised we would this year.

Any questions please call me. 518-569-7430. Please keep negative comments to yourself, as we move forward.

Eric Jock.
President, New York 50. 

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