Tom "Sparks" Hoedjes

Switzerland 6 (Charter Member) President

Red Knights History
a. Current Home Chapter: Switzerland 6 (Charter Member) President
b. Chapter Member: Former Switzerland 1 (Charter member) Netherlands 1
c. Position Held at Chapter: RC, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, Past President Switzerland 1
d. Position Held at European Association: Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President
e. Member since: 2009
f. Board member since: 2009

Fire & Rescue History
From 2006 till 2010 I worked for the Fire & Rescue Service Zürich Airport, later City of Zürich Fire/Rescue:
a. Paramedic
b. Platoon Commander
c. Head of Training and Education
At the moment I teach at the Paramedic College in Zofingen, Switzerland

Military History
1974 – 1978 Royal Netherlands Marines Corps Signal Service
1978 – 1980 Marines Reserve
1980 – 1986 Army
1986 – 1995 Army Nurse NCO School, during this time promoted to Sgt, Sgt 1st Class, Sergeant- Major
1995 - 1998 Nurse Anesthetist School promoted to Senior Sergeant Major
1998 – 2006 Army reserve 400 Medical Battalion
2006 – 2012 Army promoted to 1st Lieutenant, medical consultant
2012 – 2016 Army Civil Military Interaction Command promoted to Captain
2016 - Army CMI senior consultant promoted to Major

Feb 2020 Retired
During this time I served 4 tours of duties overseas:
Dutch Antilles, Saudi-Arabia (Gulf War), Rwanda (Massacre of 94), Afghanistan War 2016
Total years of service (active and reserve): more than 46 years, 33 years as an NCO and 13 years as an officer

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