Region 7 Director

Pierre Halleux

Pierre Halleux

Born March 19, 1964 in Liege, Belgium.

Entered the military academy in 1983 to follow airport firefighter training.

Service at the Belgian Tactical Air Force from 1983 to 1999 as the Airport Fire Chief.
Decorated with the Medal of Military Merit in 1991.
I’m currently placed in reserve and I enjoy the status of veteran.

I served the urban community from 1994 to 1999 as a volunteer firefighter in the fire department of Herve.

In 1999, I became Chief Fire Officer at Charleroi Airport in Belgium (6.7 million passengers) and I am currently Vice Director of the Safety Department.
In 2007, I had the honor to participate in commemoration of 9-11 in New York (Groud Zero).
I am a member of the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Working Group (ARFFWG) since 1997.

I entered in the Red Knights Belgium 1 as Secretary (Charter Member) in January 2010 during the beginning of the Chapter.

In September 2011, with the Red Knights Chapter 1 Belgium, we organized the first European meeting bringing together Red Knights and Blue Knights.
During this meeting, we held a commemoration in memory of the Fallen Firefighters and have decorated the symbol of Brussels (Capital Of Europe) Manneken Pis in the dress of Red Knights Belgium 1.
Since 2011, each 9-11, Manneken Pis wears the colors of the Red Knights in memory of the Fallen Firefighters around the world.
In December 2014, I have been elected as Vice President of Red Knights Belgium 1.

We had the honor to organize the visit of members outside Europe in Belgium: Jason (Australia 6), Chris (Maryland 4), Bill (Ohio 5), Dave (Vermont 2) and Norm (Massachuset 1 (Where’s all Began)).

In September 2011, we created the European Association of Red Knights, under the leadership of the European Ambassador Thomas Delboi, I took the presidency.
I am currently President of the Red Knights European Association (Regional Association 2) re-elected in 2014 for a term of two years.
I had the chance to visit and participate at many Red Knights rallies in Europe, visiting chapters in Ireland (1), England (1), Netherlands (1), Italy (1), France (3) , Belgium (5), Germany (5) and Switzerland (2).
I was also able to participate to two International Meetings in 2012 (PA) and in 2013 (VT).

My vision of the future of the Red Knights in Europe is the increase in the number of chapters in stability, sharing and brotherhood.

Stability by the desire of every member to stay in our community;
Sharing through discussion, the opening of dialogue, negotiation;
Brotherhood of forgiveness and understanding.
We must show the healthy practice of the motorcycle, share the brotherhood of firefighters and never forget our motto “Loyal to our Duty” that confronts us to the responsibility to do our duty.

My position of fire chief and my 31 years old of firefighter often remind me that humility is one of the keys to success.
Working together, the chain formed by members of chapters, negotiation and the search for solutions allow each fire brigade to overcome all situations of stress and chaos.

Together we can do it all.
Together, we can meet any challenge.

As the words of the Red Knights’s prayer: “That I’m one part of the Human Chain”.

Pierre Halleux
Lescours 19
Bolland, Belgium, 04653

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