Red Knights Events

To add an event, your requests must be sent to the Communications Committee Chairman 30 days prior to the date of the event. For events occurring in less than 30 days, you are welcome to post information on the Red Knights – All Chapters & MALFacebook group.

1. This page is for Red Knights sponsored events only, no other events need apply.
2. Any attachments to your announcements must be less than 200KB in size.
3. Include the following, Who, What, Where, Why, When and Cost.

Email all notices, in the proper time frame, to

Red Kights Event Funding Application

The International Treasurer shall set up a fund of $8,000.00 yearly for the purpose of assisting in providing a central gathering function for Red Knight members in different regions until which time the funds are depleted.

This is to be paid at a rate of $1,000.00 per region on a first come basis till funds are used up for the year. If the event makes a profit, the funds are to be paid back to the International so other events in the region can be helped.

Event Funding Request Form

Insurance Rules for RK Sponsored Events

This is a requirement from our insurance company all chapters and associations requesting RKMC INSURANCE coverage for their event MUST SUBMIT AN ACCURATE, DETAILED ROUTE of the rid ewith the request for insurance coverage. Any rider involved in an accident while not on the listed route will not be covered.

Click HERE for more details on obtaining that insurance.

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