Forming New Chapters

On behalf of the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club, allow me to thank you for your interest in starting a new Chapter in your area or joining as a Member At Large.  The members of the International Board are able and ready to assist you with this goal.
 The Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club is an organization of firefighters who ride motorcycles. We promote motorcycle safety, project a positive image of motorcycle enthusiasts, enjoy the Fraternity of Firefighters, and contribute to several charities.
Our membership consists of career, part-paid, volunteer, disabled, industrial, and retired firefighters. Our members ride all makes of motorcycles from full dressers to sport bikes. We have an RKMC Help-A-Knight program, which gives you a list of Red Knights members in other states/provinces that you may visit in your travels.
To start a new chapter a minimum of Seven (7) members is required.  Members must be in good standing in any fire department, paid, volunteer, military, or industrial firefighters, active, retired, resigned, or disabled. EMTs/Paramedics are also eligible if they are employed by an established fire department.
We have Social memberships for family members and Associate memberships for non-firefighting personnel (10% of the chapter’s Active membership).
All Active/Associate members must own or have access to a street-legal motorcycle and must be licensed to ride.
You must request an application from the International Secretary at  An enrollment form will be provided to list the particulars of your new members. It may of course be copied if space is insufficient. The application is good for 4 months. After that time, you must reapply for a new application.

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