Please plan ahead so that you have insurance coverage for you Red Knights Sponsored Ride. A mimium of three weeks is needed after your paperwork is submitted to the Secretary. So, if you want the insurance coverage, you should get the ball rolling at least one month before the event.

Thank you for your interest in the insurance program that the Red Knights has for the chapters. You must request insurance coverage by e-mail through the International Secretary at a minimum of three weeks before the event.

I need to know the date, the address where the event is being held, the distance of the ride, the type of event, the approximate number of people attending and if there is any additional insurers (stops along the way). If there are additional insurers, I need the complete addresses of all additional insurers (stops) and the turn by turn route. Please submit ALL of the insurance information (locations, addresses and additional insurers and turn by turn route) when you request the insurance coverage as there will not be any additional changes allowed after the certificate of insurance is issued.

Insurance cannot be ordered until payment is received.

I need all information and payment submitted to me at least three weeks advance notice to obtain insurance for your event. All Chapters and associations, requesting coverage, now must submit the complete route of the ride or rides with the request for insurance coverage.

Also, there is a Parental Consent Release and Waiver agreement form that the Secretary will send to you, for all children under the age of sixteen. This form, if used, must be filled out on both side.

After I have received the required information, I will submit a quote for the insurance to you.

Michael “Woody” Woods
International Secretary

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