How To Become A Member

To become an active member of the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club you must fulfill three obligations.

(1)  You must be a current or past firefighter. Call, volunteer, full-time, Military, Industrial, Wildland, makes no difference, or an EMT or Medic if you are under the control of an established fire department.
(2)  You must have a current, legal motorcycle license endorsement
(3)  You must own or have access to a motorcycle.

If you meet those requirements go to the ABOUT menu and then go to CHAPTER LOCATIONS AND MAP. That page has a listing of every Red Knight chapter in the world and their email address.  Find the chapter closest to you and email them your desire to become a member.

If you do not live within a reasonable distance of an already established chapter,  you may apply for Member-At-Large Membership (M.A.L).

If that is the case go to MEMBERSHIP then MEMBERS-AT-LARGE. Everything you need to know is on that page.

Read article 2 in our bylaws for more information. They are under ABOUT, DOWNLOADABLE FILES. If this notice does not answer your questions and you are in need of more information, email the Communications Chair at

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