2021 Yankee Rally

Here are the websites for the two ferries that go from Connecticut to Long Island.  https://www.88844ferry.com/ is the Bridgeport ferry.  This ferry will put Knights about 15 minutes from the hotel on the Long Island side.  https://www.longislandferry.com/schedules/schedules.aspx is the New London Ferry.  This ferry will put Knights at Orient Point, which is about a 30-45 minute ride along the North Shore to the Hotel.  If you are riding in big groups it is a good idea to call ahead  for both ferries.  Bridgeport does not typically require a reservation, but New London does because their ferries are smaller.  We will TRY to get a rally rate, but cannot guarantee they will agree.
The website and registration portal for the 2021 Yankee Rally is now open!
To make this year’s registration process as simple as possible we have put everything into our web page. There you will be able to register for all of the rides (because it is Long Island we will need head counts to properly plan enjoyable rides, including Sunday’s Memorial Ride to Ground Zero), register for a Train/walking tour to Ground Zero on Saturday (if you’re not riding to it on Sunday), register for the Friday winery tour, register for your hotel rooms and purchase your Yankee Rally swag!
Once our TMLA is approved we will unveil the 2021 logo... I promise you it will be in keeping with our Memorial theme with an homage to Long Island. 
Here is the website: https://www.redknightsny43.org/yr2021
Aside from the planned rides we have prepared self-guided rides and opportunities for everyone to pick a “Grand Tour” patch ride and earn a patch.  (Here’s a secret ... you can do every patch ride on Long Island (and all you’ll need is the elusive “X” and “Z” to become a Grand Tour Master). 
Also, fear not! We will post ways to get to our event by ferry if you want to avoid the NYC traffic!
There will be other surprises as the event gets closer which we will announce once we can finalize details. 
We are all looking forward to having you visit us on Long Island. 
 David J. Fernandez, Chair
2021 Yankee Rally Committee 

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