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Red Knights International Firefighter Motorcycle Club Map

Our chapters are spread over a large area of the world. The map link below will give you a visual idea of where the chapters (large red icons), chapter members (small red icons), and MALs (small green icons) are located. Zoom down to the level where the chapters appear on the map.

If you have an addition or correction to make to this map, contact and/or your chapter executive.

Take a look to see where your brothers and sisters are located and a special thanks to all who put in the work to make this map a reality. This is a very informative and helpful tool. Have fun with it and enjoy. Click on the link to go to the map.  Special thanks to our International Treasurer, Scott Ryan. for putting this interactive map together.

In addition to the interactive map above we also have our Chapters all listed by country at this link. Here you will be able to pick your country and find out what regional director serves the area, the chapters that are active in the area of choice, see their chapter patch if available, the town they are registered to, and their email address.  Individual chapter emails will connect you with the chapter president or other executive board members for that chapter.  They will be able to give you more detailed information about meeting times, places, and events.  

Please note that the email addresses provided for Red Knights chapters are monitored by the chapter presidents, and they are solely responsible for responding. If you do not receive a response from the chapter president, please do not contact the International as they have no control over the communication to and from individual chapters. The International is not aware of the specific meeting times and places for each chapter.

When a Red Knights chapter is chartered, the International provides them with a email address to communicate important information. The chapter president is responsible for checking this email for any updates from the International.

For general information about the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club, please contact the International Secretary at

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