2020 Elected officers

2020 Elected officers

If you are an Active Members of the Red Knights International Motorcycle Club, who have previously served a Chapter or Association as President or Vice President or as a State or Provincial Representative for a minimum of one term, may serve on the International Executive Board. Incumbents must notify the Nominations Committee in writing of their intent to seek re-election no later than 180 (one hundred eighty) days prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

Upon notification by an incumbent of their intention to seek re-election, prior to the 180 (one hundred eighty) day time frame, they will be placed on the Ballot. Incumbents that do not notify the Nominations Committee of their intention to seek re-election prior to the 180 (one hundred eighty) day date will be required to follow the process of obtaining nomination and completing the required documentation as a non-Incumbent.

Nominations for all positions on the International Executive Board must be received, in writing, by the Nomination Committee no later than 90 (ninety) days prior to the International Annual Corporation Meeting. To be placed on the ballot a qualified member must be nominated by the President or Vice President of two Chapters. Once elected to the International Executive Board, State or Provincial Representatives must within 60 (sixty) days, resign the State/Provincial Representative position they currently hold. A Member-at-Large may be nominated for any position on the International Executive Board having received a majority vote of the International Executive Board.

If you, or the person whom you are nominating, suit the requirements for nomination, you may fill out this form. All valid nominations, except for current Board members, require a second per Roberts Rules of Order. When you press the submit button, your application will automatically be sent to the Nominations Committee. You are also required to send a recent photo, via email, to the Nominations Committee at nominations@redknightsmc.com.

Electronic Voting for International Board Members
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2013-2014 E-Voting Results PDF *Nominee Profile (To nominate someone, use the this form)

*Note: Nominee Profile Information marked with an asteresk is required for the Nominating Committee to place the nominee on the ballot for election. Fields titled as other or the addition comments section will appear blank in published profile unless information is provided. Please fill out all four of the sections in the form. When all of the information is varified and the photo is received, the information and picture will be posted on the RKIFMC International Board Nominees webpage.

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