Region 4 Director

Steven F. Guillot

Steven F. Guillot

I am a lifetime resident of Westwego, Louisiana. I am married to my wife Heidi and we have
two children Jeremy Guillot and Jodi Davenport. I am proud to say my son and son in law are
fulltime Firefighters. I also have been blessed with two granddaughters Faith Davenport and
Daytona Guillot. I am a fulltime Operator/Engineer for Marrero Estelle Fire Department.
Between employed and volunteer I have a total of 41 years of service. During my volunteer
time for Marrero Estelle I have held positions of Treasure and Lieutenant. I am also a
volunteer Firefighter for Westwego Fire Department.

    I am honored to say I presently serve as a Commander with the Westwego Police
Department, Second in charge of the Reserve Division.
Red Knights La 1 was established in April 2000 at which time I took office as President, and I
am proud to say I still hold that position. I have also held the position of Louisiana State
Representative for 17 years. I am a reciprocate of the Perry Carter Award.
I am very proud and honored to be a part of this organization. Red Knights Louisiana 1 has
hosted the Dixie Conference in 2005, 2010, 2015 and looking forward in hosting 2020.
I am here to assist and work with anyone to do my best to represent Region 4 Director

Steven F. Guillot (LA-l)
1312 Lecompte Drive
Westwego, LA, 70094

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