Outstanding Contribution

SOG 13:02 RKIFMC Outstanding Contribution Award

The R.K.I.F.M.C. service award may be awarded to any member who has provided outstanding contribution to better the Red Knights. This award will only be awarded by the International Board and will be recognized at the Annual Convention.

A certificate and patch will be issued to -the person receiving the award. The patch will a be a three (3) inch International logo with the words “Outstanding Contribution to the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club” around the outside.

Outstanding Contribution Award Recipients

Stephanie Fowle (New Jersey-31) 2019
Tom Van der Kley (Luxemburg MAL) 2019
Neville McKenzie (Australia-6) 2019
Daniel Waldspurger (France-2) 2018
Roger van Kollenburg (Austraila-5) 2018
Steve Williamson (England-2) 2017
Peter Stone (Massachusetts-1) 2017
Jim Willis (Ontario-9) 2017
Tom Hoedjes (Switzerland-1) 2017
Russell Rawiri (New Zealand-1) 2017
Michael Pfoertner (Germany-2) 2016
Janine Nolan (Australia-6) 2016
Bill Snodgrass (Ohio-5) 2016
John Bedford (New Brunswick-1) 2016
Amanda Roun (NJ 31) 2015
Scalett Mullikin 2015
Tom Caisse (MA 4) 2014
Matt Mattera (NJ 31) 2014
Don Parker (MA 1) 2013
Pierre Halleux (Belgium 1) 2012
Tom “Tom-Tom” Delboi (Switzerland 1, Region 7 Director) 2011
John Payne? (Australia 1, Editor of RMKC Australia newsletter) 2010
Daniel Gregory (Australia 1, Australia National Association President) 2009
George Colby (MA 3, Forum Moderator) 2008
Steve Chappell (MAL,Web Liaison & Bylaws Chair, former Regional Director) 2007

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