Perry Carter Award

SOG 13:01 RKMC of the Year, Goal of the Award

It is the goal of the Red Knights International Firefighter Motorcycle Club to identify and honor a member each year as the Red Knight of the Year.

This award will be known as the “Perry Carter Award”, honoring Perry for his endless work and dedication to the Red Knights Motorcycle Club.

Only an active member in good standing with the International and their Chapter may be eligible for this award. This is to include the Members at Lar

Only an active member in good standing with the International and their Chapter may be eligible for this award. This is to include the Members at Large.

Current members of the International Board are not eligible for the Perry Carter Award.

Each Chapter may nominate a member for the Red Knight of the Year. The nomination would be sent to the State/ Provincial Representative and then to the Regional Director. Each Regional Director would then forward their nominee to the Region-1 Director who will serve as the Chairperson for this award.

The committee will consist of the Region-1 Director, who will serve as the Chairperson, and the past two recipients and the Regional Directors.

Another member may nominate any Member at Large. This nomination would follow the same path as listed above.

Members who are nominated should have been present at 50 % of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club chapter events during the year. The member nominated should have visited at least one other Chapter during the year. The member nominated should have attended the International Convention in the past. The Member nominated should represent and signify the Red Knight’s standard in their dealings with the public and the International’s members.

The Regional Director shall forward a letter with their nomination outlining the member’s qualities shown for this award to the International President. The dead line for receiving the nomination shall be prior to March 1st of each year. The final decision will be made at the Spring Board meeting each year.

All members of this committee will be notified of the names and information that have been submitted to receive this award. They are to review those names and information on why they were nominated and submit their choice in order of first, second and third to the Committee Chairperson, no later than 14 days before the Spring International Board Meeting.

The winner of this award shall receive recognition and their fee for the Annual Conference of the year they are receiving the award, to be paid by the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club. The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club shall pay for the registration to the annual Convention.

The International president shall send a letter to the Chapter President of the member’s chapter who wins this award notifying him of the winner.

At the convention, the International President shall have all of the members from the winner’s chapter come up for the presentation.

For Dedicated Service, August 2020 Presented to: Andrew Young  Australia 6 For your work with Region 8

Perry Carter Award Recipients

2021 Rick Oliver MA 2

2020 Andrew Young (Australia-6)

2019 Michael Brigati (VA-8)

2018 Alan Billings (MD-4)

2017 Colin Nelson (NH9)

2016 Keith Matlock (NJ5)

2015 David Emery (VT2)

2014 Henry Heideman (ON13)

2013 Steve Chappell (MAL)

2012 Ed Brouillet (MA 2)

2011 Steve Guillot (LA 1)

2010 Brian Sames (PA 12)

2009 Kevin Kerrivan (ON 1)

2008 John O’Hagan (CT 2 – Deceased)

2007 Tom Cooke (IN 1 Deceased)

2006 Mark Kerr (CT 2)

2005 John Rucinski (NY 12)

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