Grand Tour Committee

2019 State of Grand Tour Committee Report

At the end of 2019 the Grand Tour Committee consisted of Emmett Duprey (PA 39) as the Grand Tour Chairman, helping him was Tom Hoedjes (Switzerland 1) as European assistant, and Roger van Kollenburg (Aus 5) as Australia/New Zealand assistant.
The Grand Tour program is growing in members completing rides and obtaining their Grand Tour Master. There are still chapters and members that do not know about the program. The Committee's goal for 2020 is to increase awareness of the Grand Tour Program and get more members completing their first Grand Tour Ride. I would like to see every club participate in the Grand Tour Program. We are always looking for ways to increase participation, completion of Tours, and Tour Masters.  

(PA Chapter-8)

2019 Grand Tour Year End Report

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Grand Tour Program this year. It was a good year, we now have a total of 6289 rides completed for tabs, 402 Grand Tour Masters and 151 Guest pins have been issued since the Grand Tour Program has been started.
This year 418 Grand Tour Rides have been completed, 32 of these members achieved their Grand Tour Master Tab and 35 guests completed rides. 123 members completed a Grand Tour ride for the First Time. Thank you for your support from all the Grand Tour Committee Members.
Completed Year End Grand Tour Report 2019
Grand Tour Master 32
Grand Tour 52
Red Knights Tour 84
Fire Station Tour 53
12 Station Tour 165
Alphabet 32
Guest Pins 35


We hope everyone has a Safe 2020 riding season and continue to complete the Grand Tour Rides.
Emmett Duprey,
Grand Tour Committee Chairman

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