Grand Tour Committee

At the end of 2021 the Grand Tour Committee consisted of Emmett Duprey (PA 38) as the Grand Tour Chairman,
Tom Hoedjes (Switzerland 1) as European Coordinator,
and Roger van Kollenburg (Aus 5) as Australia/New Zealand Coordinator.

Tom Hoedjes decided to step down at the end of 2021 and Rolf Muehlemann (Switzerland 1) has been appointed the European Coordinator.
We want to thank Tom for all his years with the Grand Tour Program.
We also would like to welcome Rolf to the Committee.  
The Grand Tour program is growing in members completing rides and obtaining their Grand Tour Master.
The goal of the Committee is to make sure all chapters participate and make their members aware of the program.
From all of the members to all of you, have a safe riding season and hope to see you at a Convention or Rally in 2022.
Emmett Duprey
Grand Tour Chairman


(PA Chapter-8)
2021 Grand Tour Year End Report
Another Covid riding season is over.  Despite most of the year having some sort of travel restrictions members and friends completed more rides in 2021 than the past 4 years.  We now have a total of 7710 rides completed for tabs, 515 Grand Tour Masters have been issued since the Grand Tour Program has been started.
2021 year had 535 Grand Tour Rides have been completed, 41 of these members achieved their Grand Tour Master Tab and 17 guests completed rides. 221 members completed a Grand Tour ride for the First Time (this is a new record). Thank you for your support from all the Grand Tour Committee Members.

Completed Year End Grand Tour Report 2021
Grand Tour Master           41
Grand Tour                       74
Red Knights Tour           136
Fire Station Tour              71
12 Station Tour               220
Alphabet                           34
Guest Pins                        17

We hope everyone has a Safe 2022 riding season and continue to complete the Grand Tour Rides.
Emmett Duprey,
Grand Tour Committee Chairman

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