Are you already a MAL and you want to pay your dues?

If you are already a Member-At-Large Member and would like to renew your next year(s) membership dues prior to receiving a courtesy reminder from the International Treasurer and or International Vice President, or you do not have an email address, you may go to the Member-At-Large Online Dues Page by clicking on the link below.

As a friendly reminder; By-Law 2:10 3.  Dues are due from January 1st to December 31st each year and renewals are due on or before January 1st of each year.

Renewals / Dues related questions: Please contact the International Treasurer at

Member-At-Large Membership-related questions: Please contact the International Vice President at

Information about Member-At-Large Membership

As we are an organization of chapters, we also realize that Firefighters around the globe live in some pretty remote areas.  As a result, it may initially become challenging to be able to assemble a group of seven (7) potential members from your area's fire services, who ride motorcycles and wish to form a chapter.  Included that also, you may not live within a reasonable distance from an already established Chapter of the Red Knights.

With that, we do not want to discourage any firefighter from joining our family organization.  Hence; Our Founding Fathers conceived the idea of Member-At-Large Membership.  

Members-At-Large applicants must meet the same criteria for membership as a Chapter member. The applicant must be in good standing in fire service, paid, paid call, volunteer, military, industrial, or wildland. Their status may be active, retired, or disabled. Applicants must own or have access to a street-legal motorcycle and be licensed to operate it. Sponsored by your Active Membership, spouses or significant others are also welcome to join the Club as Social Members.  We even offer Junior Membership (free) to your children, up to the age of 16.

As a Member-At-Large, you will have the same rights and responsibilities as a Chapter Member. You shall have the right to wear the Club's insignia and colors as regulated by the International By-Laws. You will receive all mailings that are sent to the Chapters so that you may be well informed as to the activities and business of the Organization. In addition, you will periodically receive communications from the International Vice President who oversees the Members-At-Large Membership, worldwide.

Here is the definition of a Member-At-Large from our By-Laws:

Persons who qualify for membership in the Active Membership category (Ref: Section 2:01) may be granted Member-at-Large (M.A.L.) status by the International Executive Board. The limitation of membership shall be at the discretion of the International Executive Board. M.A.L.’s are members who are not members of constituent Chapters. They shall be under the control of the International Executive Board and the designated officer (International Vice President) appointed to communicate with them.

M.A.L.’s are entitled to run for an elected office and serve on Committees (Ref: Section 3:02).

What if, in the future, you wish to join a Chapter?
If in the future, you decide to join a chapter, you will no longer be considered a MAL and henceforth, you will pay your yearly dues to the Chapter that you have joined. It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to notify the International Secretary of the pending transfer from Member-At-Large Membership to a Chapter Member.  It is the responsibility of the M.A.L. to notify in writing/e-mail, the International Vice President of said transfer.
(Ref: Section 2:06 1)  Any Member-At-Large wishing to transfer membership to a designated chapter may do so upon the written request to the International Secretary from the Chapter President that the M.A.L. is transferring to. There shall be no refund of M.A.L. dues or will any International dues be payable by the chapter he/she transfers to for the calendar year of the transfer. The M.A.L. shall notify his/her International Board Representative (Vice President) of his/her transfer.

Online Member-At-Large Application:

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