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The Red Knights MC name and logo are trademarked. ANY chapter that wishes to produce RKMC items, whether they are for sale or strictly for your own chapter use, MUST obtain a Trademark License Agreement from the International prior to production of the item. Items that are currently listed in the catalog will be grandfathered at this time but a Trademark License Agreement still must be obtained.

The Chapter Business Trademark license is for use of our name/logo and will include use on a Chapter web site, business cards, letterhead, checks, address labels, newsletters, flyers (to promote your chapter only), and chapter application. Every Chapter who uses any of the listed items must apply for this license. The Chapter Business Trademark license application may only be signed by the Chapter President or the Chapter Quartermaster (per SOG 4:03).

Use the Trademark License Application, under question 3 (What are you planning to produce) write “Chapter Business Trademark License.”

If you do not have the full version of a PDF creating program, using a free program called Nitro PDF Reader will allow you to fill in all of the information on the Trademark License Application, and follow the directions on the form to save the filled-in file or e-mail the filled-in file or print out the filled-in file for sending via USPS. Saving, emailing and printing of a fill-in file will not work using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Nitro PDF Reader found at

If you have a Chapter Business Trademark License and would like to have a scaleable copy of the Logo,
please contact the Secretary at

There is a difference between the RKMC Logo and the RKMC International Seal

RKMC International Seal

It may not be used by anyone other than the International Board


It may only be used if your Chapter has a
Chapter Business Trademark License

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