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If you came here looking for International Merchandise, click on the Red Knights Regalia link of this website.

If you wish to have your Chapter’s items listed on this page, please fill out the Chapter Merchandise Submission Form. Any “Chapter Merchandise” items MUST have a TMLA covering the specific item. All TMLA’s have an ID number which must accompany the form (ie North Carolina 06-01). TMLA Application

The Red Knights International and many of the Chapters have RKMC items FOR SALE Prices and availability of all merchandise is subject to change.

There are three Different Trademark Licenses
(but you apply using the same form)

  1. Chapter Business Trademark License:
    The Red Knights MC name and logo are trademarked. This is a MANDATORY TMLA  that is sent out at the inception of all new Chapters. No Chapter can receive their new Chapter packet until this has been electronically signed. All existing Chapters that do not have this will be on Restricted Service until it is signed. This is the necessary TMLA to run your Chapter.  It gives a Chapter the rights to use the Red Knights name and logo for ONLY  the paper products needed to run the Chapter (ie. – Checks, letterhead, stationary, business cards, recruitment flyers, etc). To answer line 3, write “Chapter Business Trademark” The Chapter Business Trademark license application may only be signed by the Chapter President or the Chapter Quartermaster (per SOG 4:03).
  2. Chapter Item Trademark License;
    This TMLA is for EACH ITEM  a Chapter wants to create, outside of clothing. Patches, coins, banners, mugs, etc. and the list is endless on what can be created by a Chapter.  EACH  item created MUST  have its own application filled out with the description of that item even if the design is the same. You must give a good description of the item and attach a sample of artwork along with the application.  The ® is a REQUIREMENT  for ALL  products that contain the words “Red Knights”, “RKMC”, “RKIFMC”, “RKMF”, or our logo.
  3. Clothing Trademark License;
    This TMLA is for EACH DESIGN  a Chapter wants to place on clothing.  This is our only “blanket” TMLA as this covers ALL clothing  for a single design. Clothing items included are; shirts, (tee, sweat, hooded, polo, golf, work, dress, turtle neck), tank tops, sweat pants, sport shirts, hats (all styles), pullovers, jackets, wind shirts. Each new design must have its own application with artwork attached.  You must give a good description of the item and attach a sample of artwork along with the application.  The ® is a REQUIREMENT  for ALL  products that contain the words “Red Knights”, “RKMC”, “RKIFMC”, “RKMF”, or our logo.

If there are any questions as to whether you need a TMLA for an item or not, please call the International Secretary because you probably need one and it is a federal trademark violation if you create a product without permission.  We are trademarked in 33 countries and have spent a lot of time and effort to protect our name from being used improperly by those inside and outside our organization. With the new electronic TMLA system, it is a quick and easy way to make sure you and your Chapter are covered.

If you do not have the full version of a PDF creating program, using a free program called Nitro PDF Reader will allow you to fill in all of the information on the Trademark License Form and follow the directions on the form to save the filled-in file or e-mail the filled-in file or print out the filled-in file for sending via USPS. Saving, emailing and printing of a fill-in file will not work using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Nitro PDF Reader found at

Download a new Chapter Merchandise Submission Form, Fill it out COMPLETELY, as per the instructions on the page, and send it to George Colby C/O:

We are unable to “update” a file that is already on the web. You must submit a “NEW” page for posting.

Prices and availability of all merchandise is subject to change without notice.

Alabama 14 Challenge Coin and Patch
Alberta 12 Chapter Patch
Australia 6 Can Coozie
Australia 10 Patch 7 and Stubby Cooler
Denmark-1 Flask, Chapter Patch, Chapter Sticker, Key Fob, Chapter Pin, In Case Of Fire Patch 
No Parking Sign  Thermos (R) Bottle  Back Pack  Towel   Desk Underlay / Blotter
Florida 1 Red Knights Cap
France 7 Chapter Patch
Neck Warmer
Georgia 20 Wooden Chapter Flag   Reflective Red Knights Vanity Plate    Chapter patch
Georgia 28 Chapter Patch
Germany 11 Patch, Sticker, Pin, Flag, Key Chains, & Coffee Mug  
Germany 26 Chapter PatchChapter Coffee Mug
Illinois 2 Red OR Black Coaster / Kickstand Plate, 3 in. Diameter Gold Decal
Illinois 23 RKMC Baseball Cap
RKMC Knit Beanie
RKMC Patch
RKMC IL 23 Patch
Maine 6 Chapter Patch
Maine 9 Chapter Patch
Maryland-4 Face Mask
Massachusetts 1 Guardian Bell
Firemans Prayer CD Performed by Plainfolk is the music performed at the Memorial dedication.
Massachusetts 2 Chapter Specific Decals and Red Line Decal
Massachusetts 4 35 Year Flag
Red Knights Since 1982 Flag
Chapter Specific Flag
USA Flag
Red Knights Club Vest
North Carolina 6 Long and short sleeve T’s & Chapter Patch
Newfoundland 2 Chapter Patch
New Hampshire 2 Helmet Pin
New Hampshire-4 Name Badges   Chrome License Plate Frames
New Jersey-5 Label It Sticker, Flag, Lapel Pin, Vest Extender
Red Knights Forever Decal and Patch
Chase Vehicle Magnet
New Jersey-33 Red Knights Name Tags
Ohio 1 Challenge Coin
Chapter Patch
K9 Patch
Ontario 11 RKMC Decal
Ontario-15 Chapter Patch
Pennsylvania 5 Chapter T-Shirts     Helmet Shield
Pennsylvania 14 T-shirt with Pocket,Long Sleeve T, Crew
Pennsylvania 34 Chapter Patch
Pennsylvania 37 Challenge Coin
Pennsylvania 38 Chapter Patch and Challenge Coin   12x18 inch terry cloth drying towels
Pennsylvania 39 Challenge coin and chapter patch
Texas 7 4″ Patch
Vermont 2 Red Knights Doo-rag
Virginia 5 Red Knights Thin Red Line Gold or Silver Badge
Virginia 6 Red Knights Do-Rag
Virginia 8 Red Knights Blvd Sign

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